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Reinterpret Homespun

Based on our experience and learning from the Dong and Basha Miao tribes with focus on their textile and indigo traditions,  about all-natural process from cotton yarn to weaving, dyeing, finishing and garment making; We have did a lot of experiments on how manufacture a homespun fabric remains the primary and traditional characteristic of all homespuns.

We now reinterpret a homespun fabric, and called it “IMPERFECTION”.

“IMPERFECTION”  is perfect.

According to Japanese Wabi Sabi awareness, we learnt from it in a way living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfection of life through acceptance of natural cycles of growth and decay.

Our “IMPERFECTION” was inspired by old traditional weaving method and Wabi Sabi awareness, it will typically have small imperfections and neps woven into the fabric.  This is considered a characteristic of the primitive nature of homespun and is not a defect.

A simple, homely and honest look typified by texture and handicraft emerges as a aesthetic to represent the beauty of “IMPERFECTION”. This handcrafted charm answers emerging consumer demand for one-of-a-kind items and keepsakes.

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