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We are launching our new collection of denim fabrics at the coming kingpins Amsterdam show, which as a forecast presents the key directions to help industry to plan S/S 20 collections. This collection explores the marriage of nature, technology, traditional craft and subculture, which will see the denim market embrace softness, true indigo, innovative prints and tech-influenced fabrics and finishes. Due to provide the newest and the most creative fabrics to industry, we keep upgrade our manufacturing. This advancements embrace to add precision, reduce waste, and explore new aesthetics.

With this season’s fabrics, we have taken a critical look at the inputs in their vertical production chain. Discovering innovation in fibre-technology, spinning processes, dyeing methods and chemicals, to new fabric finishes – the latest collection is full of hidden functionalities and performances. The goal has been to develop a collection of denim fabrics that has more to offer than just the looks.

A key element of our S/S 20 collection is stretch performance fabrics with low growth, shaping and high-stretch fibres. We have further experimented with new uses of Lasting Denim, water repellency, reflective yarn, non-fading denim and advanced heat/moisture management. Heritage and tradition plays an important role with our new Imperfection, selvedge, raw and marble looks, and our sustainability collection is key with the upgraded EQUA indigo looks.


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