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Tuesday, November 19, 2019



Spring Summer 21 will request denim-brands and global manufacturers to push further in sustainability,individuality and iconic styling.
Youth will become more demanding, and being “yourself” will be key.

For this reason, the SS21 denim range of Panther has been built around two major poles.

One is sustainability, with themes such as C-Zero and DDF where solutions to spare up to 60 % of chemicals, water and energy are proposed.And a pole with iconic and very individual styling, whether it is very authentic craftsman-ship, like in theme “Make”, or definitely future driven, like in the theme BIO-TEC, where Panther pushes the boundaries of a denim becoming a workwear item of the future.

Pampering yourself is as much key to trend, as it is to our health,the theme “Wellness” provides solutions through fiber and coatings to make your denim your best friend for health and wellness.

One final word on the design of the latest Panther products.

Yes, basic five-pocket design is key, but it should rather be not “the same then others”, because, as usual, for denim, "the devil is in the detail”, and individuality is key for business and trend.

For SS21, Panther has opened it’s archives and made all “five pocket designs” with a specific “Panther flavour”. As an inspirational example, the fly designs, single stitches,truly authentic backpocket shaping, contouring and sewing…. is stressing the iconic denim-design know-how of the mill.


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