We communicate our impacts in accordance with our certifications and programs such as ZDHC, CleanChain, Higg Index, GOTS/OCS, GRS, OEKO TEX STANDART100, etc. Tat Fung utilises the best quality cotton yarns available on the market. We are working hard to acquire more of our materials from sustainable sources such as BCI and Cotton LEADS™. At the same time, we are continuously introducing new and innovative eco-materials, such as REPREVE® (fibres made from recycled plastic), to produce denim and piece dye in a sustainable manner, without compromising the quality of our products.  We have always been mindful of the importance of conducting our productions in a responsible manner. We invest in ethical strategies and actions in every stage of our business to transform our industry to a greener future.




Panther Denim and Tat Fung (the partner of Panther Denim), are in the denim value chain and creating innovative fabric production while committing to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibility to the industry. Our responsibility is to create awareness to our customers/consumers on innovative & sustainable products. So we take it seriously to work with Ellen MacArthur Foundation's guidance on The Jeans Redesign project. As both Panther Denim and Tat Fung, we have embraced sustainability as a platform for innovation. We leverage the cooperative works between our design, R&D, procurement, sales and production teams and suppliers to create more sustainable products for our customers and preserve our planets. As a fabric mill; reduction of waste, energy and water conservation, recycling, material health, safe and healthy working environment core of our sustainable strategy. We continuously implement recycling programs in our production facilities; such as heat, wastewater, alkaline, boiler heat, etc. Today, we are in the position to offer ecocentric product range, liked organic, eco made fiber, bio based and recycled materials as well as cotton.




Are you interested in sustainable fabrics, but not yet ready for the full package? We offer a range of sustainable options for our fabrics to suit your business.

Select the components from the list below that you are interested in incorporating into your next fabric. We will be in touch with you to start developing a sustainable fabric program that suits your business. Let us take the first step towards more sustainable textiles together.


BCI Cotton

Recycled Cotton

Recycled Polyester

Other Natural Fibers (Wool, Viscose etc.)


Low-twist Spinning 


EQUA Denim Dyeing Process

ECO-Denim Coating


Liquid Ammonia Mercerization